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Sports Nutrition Store

Big Daddy’s Nutrition, is committed to improving the health and lifestyles of men, women, and children of any age. We can help everyone from gym goers, athletes, bodybuilding and fitness competitors, and those just looking to lose weight and improve their overall health. Located in Exton, PA., Big Daddy serves those in Chester County, Downingtown, and West Chester.

Big Daddy’s Nutrition, PA is owned and operated by Brian Harris, an athlete, mixed martial artist and Military Veteran. With over 28 years of experience in the fitness industry, Brian is a certified nutrition coach who takes a consultative approach to discovering the plans to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

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We offer over 300 products online and over 600 in store, our dedicated professionals will help find the best supplements and vitamins to fit your needs. Big Daddy only sells scientifically proven products that contain no banned substances. You can buy gluten-free supplements, and we offer organic products as well. Visit the best vitamin store in Downingtown, PA, in-person or online to learn more about all of our products.

We have something for everyone in West Chester, PA, and the surrounding areas. Those interested in medical or athletic supplements, supplements and vitamins made specifically for men, women, children, and seniors. Visit our Organic page for advice on how to buy organic supplements. Being the best supplement store is easy when it’s something you’re passionate about.

Along with being the best nutrition store for supplements and vitamins, Big Daddy offers a diverse product line of athletic apparel and accessories, such as KT Tape. Buy KT Tape to keep on hand for any future aches, pains or injuries. We also produce Fitness Magazine, a national publication showcasing our products and services that are distributed worldwide.

Take part in our nutrition consulting program, and we’ll work together to discover what your body needs to grow and function properly. As a part of our nutrition consulting, we will teach you how to shop for groceries with knowledge and ease, prepare and cook healthy and delicious meals, incorporate new exercises into your routine, and use supplements and vitamins to balance you out. We offer a variety of the best-tasting proteins out on the market that you can add to a shake, or even use to make pancakes.

At our sports nutrition store location, we have the latest technology in body composition analysis – the InBody machine. The InBody Body Composition Analyzer is used to determine how much fat, muscle and water weight is distributed throughout your body. The InBody machine, used in combination with nutrition consulting, creates the perfect blueprint to help you gain or lose weight, in the healthiest way possible. We’ll help you buy the weight loss supplements that will work for you.

At Big Daddy, the best sports nutrition store in Chester County, PA, our knowledgeable and experienced professionals strive to provide our customers with excellent service. With our expertise in fitness, supplements, and vitamins, and nutrition consulting, we want you to leave our store feeling empowered and ready to reach your health goals!





Brian is awesome! Very helpful and informative. Thanks for your help and for having the In Body at your location. Also, thanks for providing nutritional information.

Beverly W.

Best nutrition shop I’ve ever been to hands down. Brian takes the time to listen to your goals, designs a meal plan for you and recommends the right supplements to achieve your goals with out trying to up sell you on products you just don’t need. If you are just starting out, or hit a plateau in your workout, or are a season vet, go see Brian. You won’t regret it.

Chad C.

By far the best nutrition shop. Every time I go in Brian is always in and helps out. Went in today to grab some bcaas and he threw me a free shirt and a new shaker bottle. Definitely would recommend this shop to everyone. I definitely will be back.

Dustin S.

Awesome, loving everything about this nutrition store, what a change in health. I have lost a lot of weight with the diet plan that Brian has put together for me..... and to top it off the products are very affordable

Jetpack Jim

Awesome one on one consultation with the owner Brian Harris! He listened to me and put together a plan specific to my needs! Individualized attention, great products, excited to be the healthiest version of myself!!!!

Denise H.

Just left Big Daddy's Nutrition from a friends suggestion. WOW Brian was great he treated as I was a life long customer. He listen to my goals and directed me towards the products he thought would help me achieve those goals. Looking forward to meeting my goals and taking it to the next level. Thnx Brian

Stephen H.

Normally, I don't like going into these types of stores, but Big Daddy's Nutrition is different. I don't feel intimidated or embarrassed and Brian is very nice, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I highly recommend the bars. The Almond one is very yummy and tastes almost like an Almond Joy! So many flavors to choose from. Thank you Big Daddy's and see you soon!!!

Michelle H.

This is Faith, I was in your store on Saturday morning with my friend Rufus. I'd like to start with saying, "Thank you sooo very much" for all of your help, guidance, advice and for the GREAT deals that you gave me. We will definitely be back to see you. You made us feel at home in your store and you have given me added motivation to get healthy and to continue eating right...



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