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Endurance & Energy Supplements

Whether you’re training for a local 5K, a swimming competition, an intensely long marathon, or just want to work on your endurance as a whole, the right endurance supplements are going to be the key to your success.

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Endurance training can be very draining. Not only is it physically demanding, but it’s mentally tiring. You will find endurance athletes in the gym for hours upon hours working on their resistance training on top of doing continuous activity out of the gym. Without the right endurance and energy supplement stack, its likely your training will suffer. Luckily, Big Daddy’s Nutrition of Exton, PA, has a wide variety of endurance supplements, protein supplements, pre-workout, and post-workout supplements to aid you in training and recovery. 

Our nutrition specialists serving the West Chester, Downingtown, and Chester County, PA, area, are here to listen to your endurance training goals and then to match you with the right endurance supplements to achieve the results you are looking for. Stop into Big Daddy’s Nutrition today to see our entire spread of energy and endurance supplements!

Best Endurance Supplements to Boost Performance and Stamina

Do you want to shave time off of your prep time? Do you want to optimize your performance, boost your stamina, and recover faster? All of these goals can be accomplished and more when you add the appropriate endurance and energy supplements into your pre-workout and post-workout training regimen. Unsure of where to start? Check out the handy guide below on some of the most popular endurance supplements on the market today.

Protein: During extended periods of exercise, an adequate amount of protein is essential. After two hours of strenuous activity, the body turns to protein for its energy needs. If there is no protein available, it goes straight for the muscle. The moral of the story is to provide your body with enough of this macronutrient, otherwise your performance and stamina will suffer.

Creatine: Infamous for boosting muscle recovery, creatine is essential for a lot of endurance athletics. Supplementing your training with this product will not only help the body recover faster, but it also helps the body use oxygen more efficiently, thus improving heart and sweat rate. 

L-Glutamine: While we already create glutamine amino acids in our body naturally, however, sometimes we don’t produce enough (typically during times of stress), and we need more. And because endurance training is very stressful on the body, adding a glutamine supplement will help you endure more and boost your performance.  

If you live in the West Chester, Downingtown, or Chester County, PA, area and would like additional insight on endurance and energy supplements, come on down to Big Daddy’s Nutrition and see one of our expert nutritionists! Otherwise, please visit our online shop!

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