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Best-in-Industry Glutamine & Glutamine Blends

Supplementation is a vital dietary component of the muscle building and fat burning process, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a competitive bodybuilder to reap the benefits of these highly effective supplements. 

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Glutamine powder is one such supplement that helps to prevent muscle catabolism, promotes muscle anabolism, enhances the immune system, and improves the body’s ability to retain glycogen, an essential energy stored in the form of carbohydrates within the body’s tissue. 

There’s plenty of science on the subject, and if you’re in the Downingtown, West Chester, or Exton areas of Chester County, we here at Big Daddy’s Nutrition can provide you with all the supplements you require to get the pump you seek and the results you deserve. Here are a few of the performance-enhancing qualities of the glutamine powders and glutamine blends we have for sale at our Chester County location in Exton, PA. 

Avoid Muscle Tissue Breakdown

One of the major reasons glutamine is such an essential piece of any gym-goers arsenal of supplements is its anti-catabolic qualities. Proper muscle recovery is crucial to muscle growth, or anabolism, and glutamine aids in the prevention of muscle tearing, or catabolism, which can occur from overtraining or overstressing certain muscles. Muscle catabolism is detrimental to almost every aspect of your fitness, impeding the results of your workouts and making you more susceptible to injury. 

Promote a Strong Immune System

Glutamine is partially responsible for the rapid division of immune cells that help fight viruses and bacteria. During times of severe metabolic stress stemming from a strenuous workout, glutamine levels may be insufficient to meet the physiological demand of the exercises. If you commonly find yourselves in areas that are infectious or you frequently get sick, you may find that supplementing with glutamine will help stay healthy.

Aids in Glycogen Storage

Increased cortisol and decreased testosterone are believed to be responsible for the loss of muscle mass and the inability to store glycogen, which helps fuel muscles and aids in the muscle building process. Those who continuously put themselves through strenuous workouts can potentially benefit from our glutamine powders and our glutamine blends, for sale at our Exton, PA store, or online!

Glutamine has the potential to fortify your muscle fibers by supporting anabolism, promoting a strong immune system, and retaining glycogen stores in the muscles — helping you to make the very most out of every workout.
Glutamine powder being used at the gym in Chester County, PA
Add one of our glutamine powders and glutamine blends to your cart, or, if you’re in the Downingtown, West Chester or Thorndale area, visit Big Daddy’s Nutrition at our Exton, PA location today! If you have any additional questions or inquiries, please reach out to us at 484-552-2762 or fill out a contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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