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5 Ways to Make Water More Appealing

Regardless of whether you’re trying to lose weight, improve your overall health, or reach a specific fitness goal, drinking plenty of water is essential. Water helps your muscles perform better, improves digestion, and can even help you feel fuller between meals. But plain old tap water can be boring and unappealing. If you’re having trouble reaching your health and fitness goals, adding more water to your diet, exercise, and weight loss supplements in West Chester, PA can improve your results.   

  • Make it bubbly. Many people find the taste of plain water to be unappealing. Instead, try supplementing soft drinks with zero-calorie mineral water or sparkling water. You might find that the extra zing helps you avoid unhealthy beverages throughout the day!
  • Add some fresh fruit flavor. Adding sliced fruits like strawberries, lemons, and lines to your water doesn’t just improve the taste—it also gives you a burst of vitamins!
  • Go fresher with veggies. You can even add vegetables to your water for a healthy and nutritious twist! Slice up a few cucumbers in the morning and toss them into your water bottle for easy, quick, and refreshing spa water!
  • Try tea instead. If you really don’t like the flavor of water, consider adding a few herbal or green teas to your daily routine instead. Herbal and green teas are packed with antioxidants and don’t have the caffeine content of coffee or black tea—so you don’t need to worry about feeling jittery.
  • Add instant flavor. Looking for a way to spice up your water on-the-go? Shop for a sugar-free water enhancer like Crystal Lite or Mio in a flavor you love and add it to your gym bag or purse. This will help you to avoid the temptation of grabbing a soda or sugary energy drink while you’re out.

Everyone needs a little help achieving their health and fitness goals. At Big Daddy Nutrition, we’re here to support you with everything from weight loss aids to sports performance supplements in West Chester, PA. Schedule an in-store consultation today to learn more or get started!

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