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3 Tips to Stay Healthy When You’re At The Airport

Everyone loves jetting off to a new unexplored hotspot or a tried-and-true family vacation location. Unfortunately, if you’re flying, getting there without ruining your diet with a fast food feast can be a challenge. If you plan on flying anywhere in 2020, make a resolution to use these essential tips to stay healthier at the airport!

  • Bring your own water bottle. The TSA’s liquid limitations mean that you can’t carry a full bottle of water onto the plane from outside of the airport. However, there aren’t any rules that prohibit you from bringing an empty bottle along with you! Empty your favorite water bottle and stick it in your carry-on — then avoid paying $5 for a bottle of water by filling your own after you pass through security.
  • Pack healthy snacks before you leave. Taking some time to pack healthy snacks before you head to the airport can help you avoid the temptation to grab fast food when you arrive. Grapes, sliced grilled chicken, and apple slices are all TSA-approved snacks that you can bring with you through airport security. You may even want to bring a scoop or two of your favorite protein powder in Chester County, PA in a sealed, airtight container to mix up a protein shake at the airport!
  • Look for a Mexican-influenced restaurant. Can’t help but grab something to eat at the airport? Look for Mexican-themed and influenced restaurants whenever possible. These eateries often have high-protein options that will help you stay full and resist the urge to grab a donut or pastry. For example, a black-bean and chicken burrito bowl without the cheese is a filling and tasty meal that won’t ruin your diet plan!

No matter if you’re aiming to lose weight, build muscle mass, or get your heart in shape this coming year, Big Daddy’s Nutrition has the protein and energy supplements in Chester Country, PA that you need to stay on track. Contact us today!

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