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4 Ingredients You Don’t Want in Your Dietary Supplements

For all the benefits that dietary supplements offer, some of them contain potentially dangerous ingredients. We’ve created this post to highlight some of the most harmful ingredients that manufacturers have been known to add to their “healthy” supplements. Here at Big Daddy’s Nutrition, we’re the most reputable provider of diet supplements in Chester County and nearby regions, so you don’t have to worry about these ingredients in any of the products we sell. 

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide is used as a colorant in some supplements and has been linked to cases of lung inflammation, DNA damage, and weakened immune system function on workers at the production level.

When ingested, this ingredient has been shown to cause kidney damage and inflammation of the small intestines in mice. This is particularly worrying considering how many Crohn’s disease patients probably take some supplements that contain Titanium dioxide. 

Mercury, Lead, and PCB’s

Fish are high on the food chain and can accumulate lead, mercury, and other contaminants in both natural and farmed habitats. Unfortunately, these metals can find their way into fish oil supplements. This could be a reason between the correlation that has been revealed between prostate cancer risk and fish oil supplementation.

Back in 2010, a lawsuit was filed in California urging supplement manufacturers to add warning labels to their products to educate consumers on increased cancer risks. When purchasing Omega 3 or Cod Liver Oil supplements, look for a label that states that “these supplements have been tested to ensure that there are safe levels of mercury, lead, dioxins, and PCB’s present.”

Magnesium Silicate or Talcum Powder

Magnesium silicate is similar to asbestos in its composition and can lead to lung problems when it is inhaled. In some cases, it is contaminated with asbestos and can cause severe problems when ingested. 

For instance, in Japan, rice is often treated with talc to make it appear whiter. This type of rice has been leaked to increased levels of stomach cancer across Japan. Although talc is not considered food grade by the FDA at present, it can still be found in supplements across the world.

Hydrogenated Oils

Many dietary supplements contain hydrogenated oils as fillers. In a lot of cases, the oil used is genetically modified hydrogenated soybean oil. The FDA admitted that hydrogenated fats are bad for our health, stating back in 2010 that people should “keep their consumption of trans fatty acids as low as possible at all times.”

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