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5 Essential Supplements to Help You Survive the Holidays


Although the upcoming holiday season may be filled with fun, family, and friends, and yes—food—it can sometimes be a source of stress, and even could have adverse effects on your health. However, you don’t need to let holiday stress take the fun out of your festivities.

At Big Daddy’s Nutrition, we won’t let these factors suck the joy out of your holiday season. With a few essential supplements for our sports nutrition store in Chester County, PA, we can help you optimize your nutritional needs and minimize the effects from issues like stress, overeating, and lack of sleep during this season.

Let’s take a look at how the proper supplements can support you and make it easier than ever to maintain good health over the holidays:

  1. Magnesium

This supplement is crucial for body functions and can help with relieving headaches, digestion, fighting osteoporosis, and improving heart health. Magnesium also plays a critical function in reducing stress. In fact, this electrolyte is needed to regulate the hormones to de-stress and calm the brain.

  1. Vitamin B12

Even though it is a common substance, many children and adults around the world are severely deficient of this vitamin. In fact, dietary changes during winter can cause you to be deficient in B vitamins as well. By taking a B12 supplement, you can help to reduce problems like crankiness, difficulty thinking clearly, and anxiety and depression.   

  1. Omega-3s and Fish Oil

During times of stress and anxiety, your brain can really take a beating. By consuming Omega-3 fatty acids or supplements that contain them, like fish oil, you can help your body’s response to stress. Omega-3s are a well-known and researched way to positively affect brain health and mood regulation.

  1. Digestive Enzymes

With all the delicious snacks, appetizers, and main courses that abound during the holiday season, it’s not surprising that many people develop issues with overeating, weight gain, and can even have digestive problems. These enzymes help to break down fats, proteins, and carbs into easily used elements. By including these supplements in your diet, you can alleviate the pain and bloating of overindulging, while aiding in digestion.

  1. CoQ10

As a necessary component of heart health and function of your immune system, CoQ10 also plays a role in cellular energy production. Since the elevated stress levels of the holidays can inhibit the proper function of your immune system, a CoQ10 supplement can help protect your body’s defenses and major organs.

At Big Daddy’s Nutrition, we feature all these supplements—and many more—as part of our vast inventory. By following these guidelines, you can help to protect both your body and mind from the rigors of the holidays, including stress, anxiety, and overeating.

For more information on reducing your stress and increasing your health and fitness through our all-natural and proven supplements, call us today at 800-827-5881!

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