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Are You Ready to Get Your Winter Bulk On? Try These 7 Essential Supplements to Go From Snowflake to Yeti!

Winter can mean many things to many people. Whether it’s the holidays, new year’s resolutions, snowmen, or campfires and hot chocolate, the very idea of the season conjures up a variety of mental images and favorite pastimes. However, if you’re a bodybuilder or weightlifter, the winter means one thing — bulking season!

At Big Daddy’s Nutrition, we’re the experts on everything from supplements to fitness advice and nutritional expertise. If you’re looking to get stacked and cultivate some mass this winter, then we can help. Let’s take a look at the most essential supplements for maintaining significant but healthy weight gains this season:

1. A Multivitamin

While it may not be the first thing you think of when you consider weight gain, a multivitamin is actually critical to your health during these mass-adding efforts. You’re probably planning on getting most of your calories from macronutrients such as protein or fats and carbohydrates, which can cause a deficiency in micronutrients. Taking a multivitamin ensures that you’ll get the vitamins and minerals that your body requires.

2. Vitamin B Complex

B vitamins can allow for better and more thorough absorption of critical macronutrients like carbs, protein, and fat. The combination of these B-vitamins have a synergistic effect on the body and can help it perform optimally during workouts.

3. Creatine

Considered an all-natural and safe compound, creatine helps to regenerate ATP stores throughout the body, which creates short-term bursts of energy that can substantially increase strength levels and lead to long-term muscle growth.

4. BCAAs

Branch Chain Amino Acids, or BCAAs, are a proven staple in the world of bodybuilding, used for adding mass and speeding muscle growth and repair. They’re best when used around training time, including before and immediately following your workout for best results.

5. Casein

Because it’s digested slower than whey, casein allows for a longer period of infusion into the bloodstream. This leads to an increased rate of muscle anabolism, which increases body size and muscle mass.

6. Beta-Alanine

Supplementing your workouts with Beta-Alanine can help fight muscle fatigue and enhance muscle fiber synthesis. This is ideal for maintaining energy and strength during high-intensity exercises, leading to harder workouts and added muscle mass.

7. Fish Oil

Often regarded as one of the best supplements you can take for general health, fish oil can help lower inflammation. While reduced inflammation means faster recovery, Omega-3 fatty acids can also help muscles to quickly synthesize protein, leading to more rapid gains and more intense workouts.

This winter, don’t fall victim to the winter workout blues. Get your pump on with these truly effective supplements! If you’re interested in bulking up, then look no further than Big Daddy’s Nutrition. We can help get you the gains you want and the strength you need. To place an order, or for more information on winter bulking nutritional plans, call us at 484-552-2762 today!

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