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The Benefits of Using Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape, also known as KT tape, has become wildly popular among athletes as of late for many reasons. As far as muscular therapeutic products go, it’s not very expensive. Wearing it doesn’t come with any consequences or side effects. Plus, one of our experts at Big Daddy’s Nutrition can show you how to apply it yourself!

Here are the physical benefits it can provide:

Pain Relief & Reduced Inflammation

Its elasticity slightly lifts the skin, lessening pressure on pain receptors underneath the skin. Furthermore, it provides a competitive stimulus that blocks pain signals from reaching the brain. The reduction of pressure on the lymphatic drainage channels also improves the removal of fluids from the injured area. This applies not just to sports injuries, but also to surgical recovery and inflammatory conditions such as lymphedema. For bruises and contusions, the KT tape is worn in a fan pattern. The lifting of skin helps eliminate the blood accumulating under the skin forming the bruise.

Faster Muscle Recovery

Fatigued muscles can grow stiff and sore, due to a buildup of byproducts like lactic acid. KT tape helps remove these byproducts, allowing for a quicker recovery. It will improve blood flow, boosting the delivery of oxygen and nutrients, which will aid the prevention of spasms and cramps.


Supports Injured Muscles and Joints without Limiting Range of Motion

Depending on how you apply it, kinesiology tape can prevent the overstretching or over-contraction of injured muscles. Combined with its ability to relieve pain and minimize inflammation, it allows athletes to remain active while their injuries heal without limiting their range of motion.

Enhances Strength and Muscle Tone

Some neurological and muscular disorders weaken the muscles so that it is incredibly difficult to complete exercises that could improve daily function. Kinesiology tape provides support to these muscles and promotes muscle activation, allowing therapeutic exercises to be executed more easily. A simple application of this tape can even improve posture and assist in mobility.


To see for yourself, visit our brand new store, Big Daddy’s Nutrition in Exton, PA! Our friendly associates are more than willing to show you how to apply KT tape for your specific needs.

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