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Coming Out of Winter Workout Hibernation? Follow These Tips to Get Back in Shape This Spring

After a cold and long winter, it can be tempting to get outside and start training as soon as the weather improves. While you might want to resume your workouts at the same level of intensity at the end of the last training season, if you reduced or stopped your exercise routine this winter, you should consider getting back into shape slowly to prevent early season injuries this spring.

At Big Daddy’s Nutrition, we don’t just provide proven and all-natural workout supplements for our clients. We’re also the go-to resource for fitness tips, training regimens, and more. If you’re just coming out of a winter workout hibernation, then you’ll want to follow these tips to ensure a healthy and productive start to your training this season.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

One of the most common ways people get an early-season injury is by going too hard on the weekend, then do nothing all week. Instead, try to get exercise at least three to four days a week on alternating days.

Monitor Your Levels

Make sure you’re training at an appropriate level of intensity. You can monitor this in several ways by using the perceived exertion scale, a heart rate range, or even the “talk test.” Try to stay at the lower end of the scale at the start of your training and gradually build it up over the weeks.

Don’t Believe in “No Pain, No Gain”

As you resume your training this spring, it’s possible that you’ll have some minor soreness and muscle aches. But if you experience any sharp or unusual pains, especially ones that don’t go away, you should pay attention and back off your training temporarily.

Increase Your Training Slowly

If you’re increasing your training by more than 10% each week, it can raise your chance of injury. To prevent this, gradually increase your training (time, mileage, or amount of weight lifted) over the first few weeks.

Keep Records and Stick to Your Training Plan

By establishing a training plan and recording benchmarks, it can help you stick with it and stay motivated. Not only that, but it can also keep you from doing too much too soon, which brings us to our next point.

Avoid All-Out Efforts Until You’ve Established a Fitness Base

It can take up to six weeks or more to re-establish the fitness base that you lost during your winter inactivity. Start slow, utilizing regular and steady aerobic sessions. When you do begin to include high-intensity training or all-out efforts, make sure you allow yourself enough time to rest and recover between those hard-effort training days.

Train With Others Who Match Your Level of Fitness

To keep making progress, try to find other people who have the same fitness levels and goals as you. Working out alongside those who are further along in their training can encourage you to overdo it, which can result in injuries and other issues. By exercising with someone at the same level, it creates a support system that you can use to stay motivated and keep making progress.


Interested in learning more about how to make the most out of your springtime training? Looking to gain that extra edge this season? We can help. We feature a vast selection of vitamins and supplements to take your workouts to the next level.

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