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Am I Getting Enough Magnesium?

If you have trouble sleeping, you might already know that proper magnesium intake is one way to correct that problem. Magnesium also provides your body with many other benefits. It is available in many foods, although most people only ingest two-thirds of the daily recommendation. Take it from our experts at Big Daddy’s Nutrition, here’s why you should make sure you’re getting the right amount of magnesium in your diet.

Most people associate bone health with calcium and vitamin D. However, our bodies also store magnesium in our bones. Chronic magnesium deficiency can lead to bone loss and osteoporosis.

Magnesium plays a vital role in metabolism and our cells’ energy production. Cells take glucose (blood sugar) and convert it into a form of energy that our bodies can use. Therefore, insufficient magnesium can cause fatigue.

Diets deficient in magnesium are linked to chronic, low-grade inflammation, which increases the risk of developing heart disease or Type 2 diabetes. Magnesium can also boost your immune system. It also helps stabilize blood-sugar levels.

Magnesium promotes cardiovascular health by regulating blood pressure and heart rhythm.

Magnesium affects muscle and nerve function, meaning a deficiency can increase the risk of depression because nerves control how chemical messages enter and leave our cells. It also aids your muscles in contracting and relaxing.

Why don’t most people get enough magnesium?

The main culprit is the reliance on foods that are heavily processed instead of eating whole foods like green leafy vegetables, beans, whole grains, pseudograins, nuts and seeds. Adding spinach, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, and quinoa to your diet can make all the difference. Otherwise, here at Big Daddy’s Nutrition of Exton, PA, we offer a variety of magnesium supplements.


If you have diabetes, heart problems or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), we encourage you to consider upping your magnesium intake. Be sure to speak with your doctor before taking any supplements. Even without any serious issues, making sure you get the daily recommended amount of magnesium is still important to keep your body running efficiently, especially if you’re physically active.

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