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Is Your Body Beach Ready? Get Fit Fast With These Tips!

Here at Big Daddy’s Nutrition, we believe in fit, lean summer bodies. Now that summer is unofficially here, is your body beach ready? If not, there are several ways that can help you get into shape quickly. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite fitness tips to help you prepare your body for the beach.

Protein Is Crucial

Increased protein levels in your diet not only help to increase muscle mass; they also help you to lose fat. We recommend that you try to add some protein to every single meal. Those who consume protein several times a day have been found to achieve more significant weight loss results while maintaining lean mass. Try adding an egg, a handful of nuts, or some tuna to your meals.

Stop Mindless Snacking 

Even the most healthful snacking can be detrimental to weight loss and stop you from burning off those stubborn pounds. A few extra calories here and there throughout the day all add up, and people often overeat without realizing it. Try sitting down for three balanced meals every day; this is a much more efficient way of tracking consumption.

Don’t Sleep on Getting the Proper Rest

Whether you’re looking to increase or maintain muscle mass or lose belly fat, rest is your friend. When we sleep, our bodies recover from exercise, grow, and repair muscles that have been damaged. Lack of sleep can increase your cravings for sugary foods and can deteriorate willpower that is needed to maintain a physical fitness regime. Try and get a minimum of eight hours of sleep per night.

HIIT Yourself Fit

High-Intensity Interval Training is a beautiful way to condition your body into shape for the summer. HIIT alternates between short bouts of high-intensity exercise and recovery. It’s a fast and popular way to achieve fitness goals in no time at all. For instance, you can burn more fat doing interval sprinting during a 30 minute HIIT class than spending 60 minutes on an inclined treadmill.

Lose the Booze

There are hundreds of empty or hidden calories crammed into alcoholic drinks. These, combined with refined sugars that make cocktails more appealing, will leave you miles away from a lean and toned beach body. Those looking to trim down should cut out the beer and wine. 

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